Australia to Conduct Continent-Wide Survey to Find New Species

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Photo: NASA, public domain.
How About Doing the Same Everywhere?
Australia's Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, have just launched a new initiative to find new species. This isn't just some half-assed survey of a few areas, though. We're talking about a multi-year continent-wide search for native species in areas were few, if any, humans have gone.
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Spending $10 Million Australian Dollars to Discovery Priceless Species
The project, known as "Bush Blitz", will try to discover as many new species as possible in Australia over the next three years. "The Bush Blitz will undertake a total of eighteen major expeditions during three years. Groups will be made up of 10-12 scientists and volunteers who will survey the nation's reserves for hidden biological treasures. The program is focusing on places that are little-known both to the public and researchers. "

This is part of a larger effort to bring attention to biodiversity:

The UN declared 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB). Throughout the year countless initiatives will be organized to disseminate information, promote the protection of biodiversity and encourage organizations, institutions, companies and individuals to take direct action to reduce the constant loss of biological diversity worldwide.

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