Australia Seeks $18 Million for Moreton Island Oil Spill Cleanup Money from Shipping Company

moreton island photo

Moreton Island, photo: [mapu] via flickr

You may have missed it, but about two months ago Australia experienced one of its largest oil spills, when a ship owned by Swire Shipping spilled about 70,000 gallons of oil and 620 tonnes of fertilizer in the vicinity of Moreton Island. Well, the cleanup is over and Australia now wants Swire to put up the AUS$25 million (US$18.5 million) it cost:AFP reports that Swire has offered to pay for most of that already, but that Queensland Transport Minister Rachel Nolan has indicated that the shipping company will be pursued for the balance.

In total some 3,000 tonnes of contaminated sand was removed from Moreton Island.

Over $1 Million in Fines Could Also Be Levied
If Swire is found guilty of breaching maritime or environmental law in the incident it could face a fine of AUS$1.5 million (US$977,000 million). The ships captain has already be charged with illegally discharging oil; he faces a fine of up to AUS$355,000.

via: AFP/Yahoo News
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