Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Will Be Gone By 2012 At Current Fishing Rates

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photo: José Antonio Gil Martinez via flickr

At current rates of catch, driving up by increasing demand from Japan for use in sushi, Atlantic bluefin tuna stocks will be gone within 3 years. That's the word from WWF:On the eve of the two-month Mediterranean fishing season opening, WWF is saying that unless catches are dramatically reduced (as in a complete halt to fishing in May and June), spawning bluefin tuna will entirely disappear by 2012.

Sergi Tudela, Head of Fisheries and WWF Mediterranean said,

Mediterranean (Atlantic) bluefin tuna is collapsing as we speak and yet the fishery will kick off again tomorrow for business as usual. It is absurd and inexcusable to open a fishing season when stocks of the target species are collapsing.

When new quota levels for bluefin tuna were set last November, amid political wrangling, were described as being a 'mockery of science', ignoring the evidence that the the East Atlantic bluefin tuna populations were falling so quickly that they could soon be listed as an endangered species.

via: Reuters
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