ASR Reef Restoration, Loved by Surfers and Sea Life Alike

ASR Multi-Purpose Surf Reef Photo

Image via: ASR Ltd.
ASR Ltd, the leader in recreating coral reef ecosystems, has created a new multi-purpose reef system that not only decreases beach erosion, but also provides killer waves. Surfers around the world will be stoked, as will marine life, who now have a new place to call home.With projects planned in the US, Europe and India, ASR plans to bring their surfing reef to communities around the world. Their current reef (with construction almost complete) is located off the coast of Bournemouth, a town in southern England. The reef itself will decrease beach erosion, help establish new marine ecosystems, and rebuild the community as a resort community that encourages surfers, snorkers and beach bums to come experience the wildlife just below the surface of the water.

Surfers love the reef because it adds a disturbance, and thus surfable waves where there previously weren't any. Around this particular reef, the local towns have already noticed an increase in tourism, providing huge socio-economic benefits to the area. The owners of ASR Ltd are both avid surfers from Southern California. They used their knowledge of surfing and waves, to create a company that aids the sea they love, but also promotes a sport they love too. According to ASR, the reefs improve surfing as they,

"increase the gradient of the seabed, causing the waves to break with greater intensity than they otherwise would. Secondly, the reef realigns the seabed and thus maximizes the ride length- making for a more enjoyable surf experience."

With 25% of the world's coral reefs gone or severely devastated, reports the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network and another third threatened, the time is now to protect coral reefs. While there are things we can do - like not breaking them off - once they are gone there is no getting them back. This is one attempt to find a system that mimics the coral reef system to at least provide habitat for marine life that find their former home in shambles. :ASR Ltd.
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