Ash Cloud Increases Train Travel, Car Sharing, CO2 Savings


Photo via BBC courtesy Getty Images.

OK, the volcano-invoked ash cloud put a terrible pall on airline travel in Europe (UK flights are expected to resume early Tuesday) and stranded TH correspondents all over the continent. It was costly for stranded travelers, Kenyan flower farmers, and the airlines. One the bright side, train travel is at an all-time high. Around 63,000 flights have been grounded, saving approximately 1.3 million tons of CO2 from being emitted. There's also been a mini-run on bicycle sales, though not exactly for the reasons you might have expected.For in addition to train travel, intrepid travelers have been taking taxis, buses and ferries to get to their destinations. They've been forming Facebook and Twitter groups to car share. And, they've buying bicycles to get onto the ferries when the regular tickets were all sold out. The BBC reported passengers on the Norfolkline were buying any bikes they could get their hands on in order to snatch up remaining bike traveller tickets. Unfortunately, those bikes then had to be dumped at the next travel stop when the ferrygoers landed at Dover and had to take a bus to the nearest train station.

According to another BBC story, a previous volcanic eruption of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia in 1813, may have led to the invention of the velociped, the predecessor to the bicycle, when the soaring price of oats caused by bad harvests possibly spurred inventor Karl Drais to invent a horseless form of transport.

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