Artist/Adventurer Undertakes 2-Year Solo Kayaking Trek in Search of the Wild Image

artist adventurer solo trek kayaking wildlife photo

Photo courtesy of Daniel Belanger

There aren't too many good ol' artist/adventurer types around these days—ever notice that? Plenty of artist/graphic designer and artist/web consultants, but our generation could use a good solid artsy adventurer. You know, like Byron or Hemmingway or John Muir (okay, so he was more of an essayist/adventurer, but cut me some slack here). Perhaps with a little luck, we could find one in the intrepid photographer Daniel Belanger.Belanger is a jack-of-all-trades (his pedigree ranges from social entrepreneur to digital designer [!]) from New York who's setting out on a 2 year expedition he's dubbing the "Wild Image Project." The objective is to produce over 100,000 photos of rare, endangered animals whilst adventuring away almost exclusively on his kayak. The journey will take him across many far-flung locales: Japan, the Aleutian Islands, South Georgia—and it'll even take him on a grueling 350 mile open ocean crossing from Argentina to the Falkland Islands.

Mr. Belanger, who's now 34, has spent years readying himself for the massive expedition. And after it's over, he shall face yet another challenge, one that awaits him on a road traveled only by few: the publicity tour. He plans on collecting his photographs for books and multimedia presentations, which he'll share with the public.

"My objective is to motivate others and alter their perspective on global issues by aesthetically presenting information and ideas that stimulate engagement, involvement and transformation," Belanger says. The trek is being funded by a slew of outdoor gear designers: Snap Dragon Design, Underwater Kinetics, FoxFury, and Aquapac are a few of the sponsors. Hmm. Perhaps adventurer/opportunist is a more suitable moniker. Regardless of semantics, we wish Mr. Belanger well, and look forward to seeing the photographic bounty upon his return.

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