Around the World in 10 Adorable Baby Seals (Slideshow)

seal baby photo

Photo via It's Nature

Here's some cuteoverload to start your Tuesday off: Adorable baby seals get almost as much recognition in the world of conservation as giant pandas, polar bears, and other genetically good-looking species (to humans, that is) -- but they're still undeniably cute.

Yet seals -- some of which are endangered thanks to fishing, hunting, and the fur trade -- are some of nature's most fascinating creatures: Some can dive as far as 1,000 meters underwater, others grow to weigh 8,800 pounds -- and they're as comfortable on ice floes as they are underwater or on land. Here are the most charming representatives of 10 different versions of this very versatile species.

Around the World in 10 Adorable Baby Seals slideshow

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