Arbor Snowboards

It’s sad, but true: Much of the gear that gets us to the pristine outdoors spaces that we adore has dirty little secrets that we don’t like to think about. Take for example, surfboards, sailboats, and snowboards made of fiberglass (cringe). Not too mention all the glue and potions that hold them together, or the energy it takes to make them or where they go when after they take their final trip, ride, or run. Luckily, some companies, like Bamboo Surfboards, are making headway, and showing the world that the means don’t justify the ends. Likewise, Arbor Snowboards is following suit. Though we certainly wouldn’t say that they’re following a cradle-to-cradle protocol, they do make an effort toward environmental conservation and restoration... Using wood from eco-friendly sources—the company has always made it’s mark by creating surfboards, skateboards, and snowboards from koa, bamboo, and other gorgeous woods, leaving the grains in plain view—they also pledge to be conscious of the footprint they leave, and to use organic, eco-friendly materials when designing their boards. On top of that, they also donate a portion of profits to organizations working to save and restore the planet. Alright, okay—we know you wish they’d go back to their old school mellow graphics and drop the aliens-and-skulls routine, but hey, these boards still rip. ::Arbor Snowboards [by MO]