Halloween-Themed Lobster Found Near Salem, Mass.

halloween lobster© New England Aquarium

With those big, bone-crushing claws, long spindly legs, and beady black eyes beset inside an antennaed face, lobsters really are one of the most terrifying-looking creatures on Earth, the perfect inspiration for a scary costume. But not to be outdone, Nature it seems has delivered a super-rare 'Halloween-themed' lobster just in time for the most ghoulish holiday of all.

This half-black, half-orange lobster, discovered earlier this week, is the newest and spookiest addition to the New England Aquarium. Experts say that a perfectly symmetrical two-colored shell combo is known as a 'split', an incredibly rare occurrence appearing in about one out of every 50-100 million lobsters.

But beyond the timing of its arrival and holiday appropriate appearance, the festive lobster's Halloween tie-ins don't end there. Believe it or not, the lobster was caught just off the shores of Salem, Mass., a town made infamous for its history of Witch trials.

Thankfully, the rare lobster's story won't have a scary ending; it will soon go on display and live out its days at the New England Aquarium.

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