Anti-poaching spokesman and park ranger arrested and charged with... rhino poaching

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Although it's not listed among the 'seven deadlies', hypocrisy is a terrible sin. Preaching one doing while doing another... The world would be a much better place if people actually acted in ways that are consistent with their stated beliefs. A shocking case of this comes from South-Africa, where a senior ranger for South Africa National Parks who was an outspoken activist against poaching, including during media interviews where he advised young people to stay away from poaching and criminal gangs, is charged with rhino poaching. Ugh.

The man charge with poaching and a major case of hypocrisy is Lawrence Baloyi. He was caught, along with Andrea Mabunda and Shakes Baloy:

four police officers were investigating an old rhino carcass in the Kruger Park. While examining the body of the rhino the police heard gunshots and used their helicopter to search the area. A dead rhino was found and the police called in special dog units to give chase to the poachers. Mabunda and Shakes Baloyi were caught by the team giving chase. (source)

Things took an unexpected turn when the police realized that one of the rifles carried by the poachers belonged to Kruger National Park. That's when the captured poachers admitted that Lawrence Baloyi was their boss and the one who had dropped them off in the park to hunt down the rhino.

Dead rhino photo.PharSideUK/Video screen capture

This is particularly sad because Baloyi was one of few sector managers who protect wildlife from well equipped poachers. "There are just 23 sector rangers in the Kruger National Park who help to co-ordinate and manage teams of rangers."

The first thing that we can wonder about is if the high-ranking ranger used his power to direct ranger teams away from his poachers. This might have been going on for a while. How many rhinos (and possibly other animals) died because of this mole within the anti-poaching organization?

In a way, we could say that the poor rhinos were victims of human corruption...

Via Wildlife News

Anti-poaching spokesman and park ranger arrested and charged with... rhino poaching
Oh boy!

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