Another Coral Reef Fish Uses Tool To Help It Eat (Video)

A couple months ago it was revealed that the blackspot tuskfish exhibits basic tool use to help it eat--picking up a clam and using a rock the help open it--and there were photographs to prove it. Now we have video of another species of wrasse, the orange-dotted tuskfish doing something similar.Giacomo Bernadi, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at UC Santa Cruz explains the significance of the footage:

What the movie shows is very interesting. The animal excavates sand to get the shell out, then swims for a long time to find an appropriate area where it can crack the shell. It requires a lot of forward thinking, because there are a number of steps involved. For a fish, it's a pretty big deal. (Science Daily)

Here's Bernardi's research, published in Coral Reefs: The use of tools by wrasses (Labridae)
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