Amazing, Newly Discovered Salamander Looks Like ET

ET salamander new species photo

Photo via Bloomberg

So it's not exactly adorable, but it's pretty amazing looking. Recently discovered on an expedition through Ecuador by Conservation International, the salamander belongs to the Bolitoglossa family, and yes, it looks a lot like everyone's favorite Extra Terrestrial.
The cool, as-of-yet unnamed salamander wasn't the only new species uncovered during the trek, either. According to Bloomberg:

The discoveries in the Nangaritza region . . . included what the researchers termed a "remarkably ugly bug-eyed salamander," a red poison arrow frog and a frog smaller than a "pinky" fingernail. A lizard, a third frog and seven grasshoppers also were among the newly found creatures.

In all, 12 new species were discovered on the one expedition.
Another "rare" discovery was a population of harlequin frogs free of a fungus that has decimated amphibians elsewhere, Alonso said. The amphibian Chytrid fungus threatens to wipe out up to 30 percent of the world's amphibian species, according to Conservation International.

And of course, while it's always exciting when a strange new creature is uncovered, we must bear in mind that conservation should be a top priority.
Researchers say pollution, pathogens, invasive species and solar radiation are contributing to a dropoff in the amphibian population in addition to climate change.

Because of this, Conservation International plans on pressing the Ecuadorian government to protect the region where the discoveries were made.

Check out the rest of the new species in the IC's stunning slideshow.

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