Alastair Heseltine's Sculptures Capture the Nature in Materials

Alastair Heseltine tree photo

We first spied Alastair Heseltine's art over at the ever excellent Wend Magazine. Alastair is a Canadian sculptor plying his craft in the Pacific North West. He describes himself as working with mixed media relating to the environment and being inspired by the inherent nature of material and by construction systems evolved through mindful observation and play. "I also draw from the full spectrum of routines and activities that support my practice: Design, craft production, farming and rural life."

Ain't that the most visually descriptive wood pile you've ever seen? Take a peek (below) at more examples of his natural art.

Alastair Heseltine woven torso photo

Alastair Heseltine beach shell photo

Alastair Heseltine reed bodies photo

Alastair Heseltine basket photo

::Alastair Heseltine, via Wend Magazine's blog.

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Photo credit: Alastair Heseltine website

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