"Hyperion" Beats Out World's Tallest Tree


In California, the redwoods are battling it out. Seems the 370-foot Stratosphere Giant, previously known as the World's Tallest Tree, isn't that tall after all.

At least three other trees in the Redwood National Park are taller, according to a team of California researchers. At 378.1 feet, Hyperion is the new World's Tallest Tree—barring new discoveries. Next up is the 376.3 foot Helios, followed by the 371.2 foot Icarus. The measurements, when confirmed, will boot Stratosphere out of the Guinness Book of World Records.

So how were these three missed? Experts are miffed, and find the discovery "a bit surprising considering that so much of the state's redwood forests have been logged," reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Thanks tipster Mike. ::San Francisco Chronicle via ::Sierra Club Compass

Photo left, courtesy of Thomas Dunklin. Photo right, courtesy of John Blanchard/The Chronicle.

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