Adorable Polar Bear Cub Goes for a Piggyback Ride


Photo via BBC

It's been a busy, stressful week, with Iran's nuclear plans, tragic natural disasters in Samoa, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and a new climate bill in the Senate packing the headlines with nail-biting tension. So what do I have to say to all that? Why, it's nothing an adorable picture of a polar bear cub taking a piggyback ride on its mom's back can't fix, right?In all seriousness, now--that is one adorable picture.

Polar bears have previously been known to hitch rides on their parent's back, but the practice was thought to be extremely rare. The picture above was taken by a British tourist, who caught the event on camera while on ship in the Norwegian fjords.

The BBC explains that "Cubs are known to ride their mother's back when moving through deep snow as they leave their den areas," but it's entirely unknown how often this happens. Here's another, older photo of some cub siblings riding together.


Photo via First People

Well, there it is, a nice distraction to your stress-addled day--sure warms your heart, doesn't it?

That is, until you remember that global warming is slowly destroying all these cute little cubs' homes. Sorry. Buzzkill.

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