Adorable Piggies Rescued From Factory Farm Celebrate Four Months Of Freedom In Chile (Photos)

Lovely Piggy Rescued From Factory Farm In Chile Photo

Photos: Gabriela Penela.

Vegan activism in South America is not as extended as in the northern hemisphere (or, at least, not as communicated), perhaps because horrifying factory farming practices took more time to come here.

Recently, however, the subject has become more present and groups such as Chilean Elige Veganismo (Choose Veganism) started to come up. This group has been doing several actions in Santiago, and four months ago they rescued these sweet two pigs from a factory farm and took them to a farm outside the city. They recently shared these pictures showing their new, free life.

Piggy Rescued From Factory Farm In Chile Eating Photo

Pigg Rescued From Factory Farm In Chile Plays With Dog Photo

It's really so sweet to see how sociable the pigs are among them and with other animals, a characteristic of their nature they are not able to develop when caged in spaces so small they have to live with their excrements and with no other contact with their peers.

Called Spartacus and Freedom, the two pigs were lucky to get away, but dozens of others were left inside the farm...

Pigs Rescued From Factory Farm In Chile Pose For Camera Photo

Pigs Rescued From Factory Farm In Chile Show Affection Photo

According to the activists --quoted at VeoVerde; there aren't more rescues like these because of lack of space to place the animals, so if by any chance you're in Chile and would like to host an animal, contact them through their website.

In the US, you can also adopt a neglected farm animal through the Farm Animal Adoption Network.

More on Elige Veganismo at their website (in Spanish).

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