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You're on a road trip when you take a detour and decide to make an unexpected stop for the night. Do you think about whether there's a green hotel, motel, B&B; or other eco-friendly lodging in the area? Would you even know where to look for one? Enter the American Automobile Association's 2010 TourBook guides.According to a recent Reuters article, AAA is introducing an eco icon in their TourBook listings, much like lodgings are noted for having a pool, allowing pets, etc.

But any old hotel claiming to be green won't be graced with the icon. There are, of course, standards to be met. In order to be included in a TourBook with the eco icon, the hotel must meet AAA's Diamond Standard, and it must also be certified by a state or national environmental program.

Some of the green certification programs that have signed on to work with AAA include Energy Star, Green Globe, Green Seal, and state programs in California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Vermont, Delaware, Missouri, New Hampshire, Virginia, Wisconsin and Michigan.

We admit it: Road trips aren't great for the environment, what with all those emissions. But sometimes they're the only way you can travel, and other times they're the entire point of a trip. By taking others along for the ride and staying at green hotels along the way, you'll reduce your carbon footprint at least a little.

With the eco icon, AAA's TourBooks look to be a pretty valuable resource for anyone heading out on the open road in 2010—dare we hope in a fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle?

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