A Picture is Worth... Polar Bear Knut is 1 Year Old

Maybe we should start a "Where are they now?" series... Remember Knut? Not so long ago he looked like this and this (aaaaaw, cute!).

He's still in the Berlin zoo, but he's changed quite a bit: now one year old, he weights about 300 pounds, has six-inch claws and very sharp fangs. To better compare, you can see another photo of baby Knut lower in this post.

Unfortunately, polar bears as a species are facing big challenges. For more on the subject, see: ::US Proposes to List the Polar Bear as an Endangered Species, ::Follow the Ice and Save the Polar Bears, ::Living on Thin Ice: The Observer on Polar Bears' PR Image.
::Still think I'm cute? One year on, cuddly Knut has turned into a 22st killing machine

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