A 'Mosaic' of Green Features at New Prague Hotel

mosaic house hotel hostel prague photo

Photo via Mosaic House

Count Prague in on the trend toward green hostels and hotels: The opening late last week of a cool new central-city accommodation not only provides a fresh option for eco-conscious travelers, it also marks a green "first" or two for the entire Czech Republic.With both dorm bunks and private rooms available, the Mosaic House in downtown Prague is both reasonably priced and well located, just minutes from many of the city's key historical sites. Czech architect Tereza Koucka redesigned the 1935 building to include high-style and sustainable features, according to the the New York Times' In Transit blog, which tipped us off to the opening.

Greywater Recycling and Local Furniture
Mosaic House's green features include the country's first greywater recycling unit with heat-recuperation technology; solar water heating; energy-efficient lighting; computer-controlled room temperatures and electric shutters that adjust according to occupancy; and low-flow toilets and water-efficient showers. There are also quirky touches such as in-room tree branches that serve as clothes hangers, and custom-made locally produced furniture that supports Czech artisans.

The proximity to Prague's metros, trams, and buses also makes it easy to have a low-impact stay. Even transport to and from the airport is greener thanks to the hotel's practice of donating oil from its restaurant's deep fryer to fuel a biodiesel fleet of shuttle buses.

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