8 Green Music Festivals That Rock

4. Burning Man

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Burning Man has been a popular week-long Nevada desert festival for a while now. With the emphasis on burning, you might wonder how green this festival actually is.Some of the green things they're doing:First of all, they believe in "leaving no trace." No garbage cans are provided because attendees are expected to remove items from the premises themselves. They host a recycling camp, donate their spare lumber to Habitat for Humanity, and use corn based dishware.

3. Outside Lands

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San Francisco is a popular place for festivals. Outside Lands is just one of the many festivals the city hosts, and it regularly draws around 150,000 attendees.Some of the green things they're doing:Ticket purchasers are given the opportunity to donate toward offsetting the event's carbon footprint. There's a bike valet, composting, recycling, solar wind power, trash exchanges (where you get new gear for trash!), and biodiesel generators.

2. Bonnaroo

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This rocking early summer Tennessee festival seems to be growing in popularity every year. Fortunately for those just getting interested in Bonnaroo, they're getting interested in the planet. Most recently, they picked up the "Outstanding Greener Festival award" from agreenerfestival.com.Some of the green things they're doing:They've got organic cotton and hemp shirts, recycled paper, biodegradable concession stand items, clean fuel use, composting, recycling, lots of organic food, tree-free posters, and a greenest campsite contest.

1. Coachella

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The creative people over at the Coachella festival, operating from Coachella, California, understand the importance of the environment and how their huge festival impacts the planet.Some of the green things they're doing:First of all, there's a free train that provides transportation for concert goers to this desert festival. Once there, the event is powered by wind and solar power, screen-printing is done with alternative energy, and electric car conversions happen on site. Those who carpool receive VIP tickets, and composting and recycling is available. If you trade in 10 empty water bottles, they'll even give you one new bottle free of charge. A portion of festival proceeds goes to the Indio Youth Task Force, a non profit organization committed to the youth of the Indio, California community. Coachella has definitely made an art out of their green approach to fun.More on Green Festivals From TreeHugger and Planet Green
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