8 Green Music Festivals That Rock

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Festivals are not a modern day invention. The roots of the celebratory gathering go as far back as the Egyptians, who used to toast the annual overflow of the Nile, which irrigated crops. Whether it be religion (the most common theme in the past), the solar or lunar calendar, or music, food, and art, festivals continue to be fantastic socializing tools. Unfortunately, with so many pre-packaged products and high-voltage effects, festivals have become known for being relatively anti-environment these days. Luckily, there are at least eight music festivals out there really striving to make a difference.

8. Rothbury

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You might not expect the same sorts of green efforts from Rothbury, Michigan as you would in, say, San Francisco. However, Rothbury is certainly making headway in the field of green.

Some of the green things they're doing:

From providing a place for composting and recycling to using clean energy, this festival has its act together. They've got an 'around the clock' green team ready and willing to help out and they provide free environmental education to festival-goers.

7. Wakarusa

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Lawrence, Kansas may not immediately come to mind as a vacation destination, but when the Wakarusa festival is up and running, this town is hopping. A four-day music and camping festival, Wakarusa draws people from all over, and each year, they're getting greener.

Some of the green things they're doing:

The good people over at Wakarusa actually start their green efforts before festival goers are even through the door. At the door, they provide everyone with bags for recyclables and trash. They also encourage BYOB canned beverages and use clean fuel. Menus include tons of vegetarian food options and composting is available.

6. Bumbershoot

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Bumbershoot, located in Seattle, is all about entertainment...and helping save the planet.

Some of the green things they're doing:

They've cut down their printing significantly, reuse signs from previous years, power up with net zero and biodiesel energy, and make a point to showcase eco-minded artists.

5. Virgin Music

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Business magnate Richard Branson has long been an economic and social genius and his efforts with the Virgin Music Festival do nothing but support this. Luckily, he's also interested in being eco-smart with this Baltimore, Maryland festival.Some of the green things they're doing:If you carpool, you get VIP parking. Local food is served and recycled paper is used throughout -- including the toilet paper. Composting and recycling is provided on site, cups are made from corn, shirts are made from sustainable cotton and soy-based ink, free tote bags are provided for those who take the light rail or bus, and fans can even blend their own smoothies with electricity generated by bicycles.

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