794 Smuggled Elephant Tusks Seized in Hong Kong

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But Are Poachers Winning the War?
It's always sad to hear about animal poaching, especially when it's endangered species that are being killed, and even moreso when the killing is caused by baseless superstitions. We have some tools to fight back against poachers, such as DNA forensics, protected conservation reserves, and education campaigns to teach people that their 'traditional medicines' are high-priced bunk, but we need to redouble our efforts before more species go completely extinct. One nice coup for the good guys recently took place in Hong Kong, where over 4,000 lbs of elephant tusks were seized, but even good news like this make me sad, because I think of how many shippments went through without being noticed by port authorities... See also: Horrors at Chinese Tiger Farm, Reports Undercover US Diplomat

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