7-Year-Old Donates Two Year's Worth of Tooth Fairy Money to The Nature Conservancy

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Imagine being seven years old and saving all your money for over two years. Imagine being seven years old and having a whole $137.88 in your piggy bank. That's like an adult having a few grand in a bank account just waiting to be spent. Now imagine being seven years old and wanting to donate all that money to an environmental non-profit. One young environmentalist did just that. Andrew Kirz has been saving for two years, but when his piggy bank was full, he decided to swing by the offices of The Nature Conservancy in San Francisco to donate every cent.

Andrew emptying his piggy bank with fat

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her, Steven, and brother, Brian; Photo by The Nature Conservency

Andrew told the folks at the offices, "I gave my piggy bank to The Nature Conservancy to help them save plants and animals from going extinct like the dinosaurs did. It took me two to three years to save all this money, most of it from the Tooth Fairy. The Nature Conservancy can buy an island with this to protect the plants and animals on it."

I'm not sure The Nature Conservancy could by an island with $137.88, but it will sure help add to a chunk of money that can. And I hope it happens just so Kirz can one day say, "Yeah, I gave up teeth for that island...."

Kathleen Goldstein of The Nature Conservancy wrote to us, saying, "Andrew had good role models. His older brother Brian donated all his savings to The Nature Conservancy in 2007 when he was seven, and his parents Steven and Flavia have been involved with the Nature Conservancy and other charitable organizations around the world from Tibet to Brazil."

Andrew's father Steven said, "At a time when the world's markets are melting down, kids can help remind us what is important. I'm proud that my sons took it upon themselves to help make a difference; they inspire me to do the same."

It certainly is inspiring. Even when we think we don't have much left in our savings accounts thanks to a floundering economy, we probably have enough Tooth Fairy money stashed somewhere to give to organizations protecting our planet.

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Andrew photo

Andrew counting out his piggy bank money; Photo by The Nature Conservancy
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