7 Short and Senseless Flights We'd Love to Ban

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5. Austin, Texas to Houston, Texas

The flight from Austin to Houston on United almost didn't make the list. The short one hour flight seemed almost better than the three and a half hour drive. But when we saw the only non-stop flight left at 5:45am (meaning we would need to get up at 3am) and would cost $235, it seemed worth it to fill our gas tank, sleep a couple extra hours and still make that lunch meeting.

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6. Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Madison, Wisconsin

While this 35 minute flight on Midwest is a cheap $80, the drive is just over an hour. You can fill your tank (with leftover money to spare), and be there in the time you would spend just waiting for the plane to arrive in the airport.

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7. Los Angeles, California to San Diego, California

Los Angeles and San Diego may seem to be far away, but they are actually only about two hours apart. You could even make a day trip out of it! And what drive could be more beautiful than down the California coast? If you prefer to arrive by plane, plan to spend about $850 - $1500 via United on this quick, 50 minute flight (no, this isn't first class). But total time combined between airport transportation and waiting time, you'd better plan to waste more like three and a half hours. Stress not included.

Do you know of any other ridiculous flights? Share them with us! And please, if you do have to fly, make sure to do it in the greenest way possible.

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