7 Short and Senseless Flights We'd Love to Ban

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Image via Earth Island Institute.

Sometimes it's better to drive. Whether that means you carpool, rent a car, or take public transportation the fact of the matter is that you'd blow more carbon emissions if you traveled by airplane. Not only do you have to use transportation to get to and from the airport (another dose of CO2), but you have to arrive an hour and a half to two hours early and then wait for luggage once you land. The whole process is time consuming and stressful.

We found seven of the shortest, non-stop flights in the U.S. that seem ridiculous to even consider. Remember the episode of Living with Ed when Rachelle took a plane to Sundance and Ed drove because he thought it was ridiculous to fly? Wait 'til you read these, Ed.
Because flight schedules and pricing change so often, all of the flights below reflect non-stop flights, with reservations made a week in advance.

columbia charlotte map

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1. Columbia, South Carolina to Charlotte, North Carolina

Sure the flight is only about 50 minutes from Columbia to Charlotte, making it a nice quick trip. However, would you believe the drive is just an hour and a half? And it's practically a straight shot. This flight is offered through US Airways for an outrageous $837.

denver cheyenne map

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2. Denver, Colorado to Cheyenne, Wyoming

Admittingly, we've never been on a 35 minute flight. Taking into consideration the amount of time we spend in the airport and getting to and from, it just hasn't seemed worth it. But via Great Lakes Aviation a flight from Denver to Cheyenne is possible...and for a whopping $318. We'd much rather avoid the airplane pollution and spend an hour and 45 minutes in the car driving through the Colorado landscape.

providence newark map

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3. Providence, Rhode Island to Newark, New Jersey

As a New England resident, we know that driving on 95 South is not the most ideal, especially going through New York City. But in about three hours, a trip from Providence to Newark can be done. Luckily for us, there are many public transportation options as well. Battling traffic just to get to and from the Newark airport is a total headache in itself, making this $602 trip on Continental so not worth it.

birmingham atlanta map

Image via Google Maps.

4. Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia

With a quick flight of just over an hour, these can sometimes be the best trips. You're barely in the air before the pilot tells you to prepare for landing. As much as we like Delta, we'll save the $613 because the drive is only about an hour and 20 minutes longer.

Wait 'til you see what absurd flights we have on page 2!

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