6 New Design-Savvy Eco Hotels Around the Globe

5. 968 Park Hotel, Lake Tahoe, California

Image via 968 Park Hotel. 968 Park Hotel stands as Lake Tahoe's new and only green hotel. The former structure of the hotel was taken down and 968 was rebuilt with every possible opportunity to use eco-friendly, sustainable materials and green processes. In keeping with the rustic theme of Lake Tahoe, the hotel walls and structural elements are built from reclaimed, aged Douglas Fir lumber, finished with natural patinas, and the exterior features recycled metal siding, designed to be easily removable for maintenance.

What's cool about 968 Park Hotel is all of the thoughtful little design elements, such as: insulation is made from blue jeans, trim and baseboards are made from recycled wood, lobby furniture is made from material recycled from an old pool fence, trash cans are made from 100% recycled material, fencing is made from recycled wood, and headboards, vanity, and bedside tables are constructed of recycled wood. A full listing of 968 Park Hotel's eco-initiatives can be found on their Web site: We're quite impressed.

6. Frégate Island Private, Seychelles, Africa

Photo via Frégate Island Private.

Seeing Frégate Island from a birds-eye view, you wouldn't even know structures existed -- a true sign of designing for the environment. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean just below the equator, Frégate is an example of how man and nature can successfully coexist. It's one of the most important sanctuaries for rare endemic and indigenous animals, setting an inspiring example for others to follow with conservation projects. With tons of conservation projects, Frégate Island has been said to be the Seychelles' leading eco-retreat.

With just 17 villas, Frégate Island is a natural, private paradise. Each is built of native mahogany and clad in rich African Chamfuta Teak wood, meant to blend harmoniously into its natural surroundings. The interior architectural design of the villas is simple yet elegant, accented with African Chamfuta Teak skirting boards that edge cream Botticino marble floors, while vaulted roofs and Merbou timber framework faithfully reflect a diverse colonial architectural heritage.

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