6 Nations Set New All-Time High Temperature Records This Year So Far - None Set Record Lows

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Some more on global heat records so far in 2011: In the first eight months of the year six nations in the world have set new all-time high temperature records, with not a single country setting an all-time new national record low. Slightly shockingly, this is an improvement over records set by this time last summer, when 20 nations set new all-time record highs.
Those seriously hot nations (as detailed by WunderBlog): Kuwait (127.9°F on August 3), Iraq (127.4°F on August 3), Iran (127.4°F on July 28), Armenia (110.7°F on July 31), Republic of the Congo (102.6°F on March 8), Russia (111.7°F on July 30, the highest at a regular synoptic reporting station; automated stations have recorded slightly higher temperatures).

The same source points out that the six hottest undisputed* temperatures ever recorded in Asia have happened in the past two summers.

Last summer Mohenjo Daro in Sindh, Pakistan hit 128.3°F on May 26--just bettering the second place high, set this year in Kuwait listed above.

*The disputed highest temperature ever recorded for Asia was set on June 21, 1942 in Tirat Zev, Israel. On that date it hit 129.2°F, but weather historians have questions about the accuracy of that reading as there are irregularities in that data. The same temperature was recorded in Kuwait last year, but it was later determined that the sensor was faulty.

The hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth remains 136°F at Al'Aziziyah, Libya on September 13, 1922.

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