5 of the Greenest Cities in the World to Visit

Image: Flickr, Serge Melki

4. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

From the Montreal Protocol (regulating emissions damaging to the ozone layer) to the recently implemented Bixi public bike sharing project, Montreal beckons with green initiative. After all, any city hundreds of kilometers from the nearest ocean that boasts its own local surfing club is filled with people who know how to make the most of their surroundings. Don't miss the annual butterflies go free day at the botanical gardens and do check out the nascent sport of river surfing. The place to stay: eco-chic boutique hotel Quartier Dix30.

Image: Flickr, Shane Pope

5. Austin, Texas, USA

Austin, Texas, the home of Whole Foods has emerged as a leader in the quest to break the fossil fuel habit. Most recently, Austin has mandated home energy efficiency audits. Austin's Green Mayor leads the city further down the sustainability path, and to the top of lists of greenest city awards. Try to visit during one of Austin's greener festivals and enjoy the greener festival foods.

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