5 Easy and Fun Ways to Celebrate World Oceans Day While Making a Difference

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It's World Oceans Day today! And there are a few very simple things you can do to celebrate it and help out the oceans at the same time. Some of these things don't even require you leaving home -- or your desk! (But some do.) Pick and choose what works best for you, or do them all; either way, both you and the sea will benefit.

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1) Visit Your Local Aquarium
Many aquariums do fantastic research an advocacy for oceans, and the funds they receive from patrons can help them keep afloat, so to speak. Not only that, but you learn so much about local and exotic sealife. It's hard to visit an aquarium and not walk away with a soft spot for marine ecosystems and fish.

2) Donate to a Favorite Ocean Advocacy Group
There are a range of nonprofits working to help the ocean, and they need funding. Today, send a little something (or a lot something) to one or a few groups making a difference. We recommend Oceana, Conservation International, or Save Our Seas, just to name a few.

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3) Participate in a Beach Clean-Up
International Coastal Cleanup Day usually falls in September, but that doesn't mean you can't take a cue and head out to a beach to pick up any trash and debris you see. And that includes beaches along rivers and inland waterways -- these all lead to the sea and often the plastics and pollution that ends up in the ocean starts far, far upstream. Take a couple hours to enjoy the outdoors, and start the habit of picking up beaches every time you visit. The ocean inhabitants will thank you!

4) Read Your Kids an Inspiring Ocean-Related Story
Getting to know the ocean is one of the most important ways to help connect kids to their planet and show them why it is important to treat it with respect and care. Today, read your kids (or someone else's) a story about the sea. Check one out from the library or scan the plethora of great titles from Amazon.

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5) Sign the Care2 "Save Sharks" Petition
As many as 73 million or more sharks are killed every year for shark fin soup. Around the world populations of these important predators are collapsing and species are going extinct. Many species such as the oceanic white tip and great hammerhead have dropped by 99% in just the last 50 years. They're on the brink, and mainly for soup -- and, by the way, shark fin has nearly no flavor or nutritional value. In fact, it's usually mercury-laden! Sign Care2's petition to help save sharks today, and protect this vital species from extinction.

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