3D printed wheelchair helps adorable two-legged chihuahua live a more normal life!

Turbo.roo chihuahua with 2 legs
© Via Designboom

Here's something a bit more heart-warming going into the weekend. Turbo.roo, reports Designboom, is a chihuahua born without front legs. He was adopted by Ashely Looper, a technician at a veterinarian clinic in indianapolis, USA. To help him regain mobility, Looper turned to crowd-funding to raise enough money to buy a custom-fitted cart for Turbo.roo.

Turbo.roo photo by Ashley Looper© Photo by Ashley Looper

Above is Turbo.roo wearing a temporary contraption built from a helicopter toy.

In the video below, you can see the poor little guy before he had his special wheelchair.

The fund-raising efforts were brought to the attention of Mark Deadrick, president of 3dyn, a firm that does 3D design and printing. He created a a special cart that could be fitted with what looks like rollerblade wheels, which is the one that you can see in the top photo and in the photo below.

Nice work, Mr. Deadrick!

For a lot more photos, check out Turbo's Instagram page! You can even follow the little guy on twitter...

While we're on the topic of people helping animals with high technology, this reminds me of the story of Buttercup, the duck with a 3D printed foot:

Via Designboom

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