360-degree video ride over Victoria Falls is definitely breathtaking

Victoria falls
Screen capture National Geographic

National Geographic's magical interactive video lets viewers decide what to see while exploring one of the world's biggest waterfalls.

What a time we live in. Not only can we see the wonders of the world from these little magic boxes we have on our desks and in our pockets, but the sorcery technology consistently brings us new delights that years ago would have been unfathomable to many. I'm reminded of this upon viewing National Geographic's 360° video of Victoria Falls.

First of all, this majestic African waterfall is one of the biggest, and most jaw-dropping, on the planet. It's a natural wonder of superlatives. At more than 1.25 miles (2 kilometers) wide when it folds over the lip of the cliff, the Zambezi River falls as far as 354 feet (108 meters) as it divides the large basalt plateau that marks the national border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The falls create clouds that can be seen from more than 10 miles away – earning the site its original Kololo name, Mosi-oa-Tunya, meaning "the smoke that thunders.” (It was given the decidedly less poetic name of Victoria Falls by explorer David Livingstone in the 19th century.) The misty clime is so damp that it creates its own rain-forest like ecosystem nearby, replete with mahogany, fig and palm trees.

But enough with the words, they only serve as meager descriptors for something beyond what language can describe. The fun starts with the video, which National Geographic posted on Facebook and which can be viewed there. If watching on a computer you can click-and-drag to explore wherever you want to go. (I went right over the edge, my stomach followed.) One commenter suggests viewing it on an iPad while standing up: "Turn around 360 degrees! Tilt it down or up! What an awesome video!" The same effect will work with some phones as well.

Find the link below. Enjoy your travels, and know that there is some magic in this world – both in the technology we have to enjoy something like this, and even more so in the enchanting falls themselves.

360° Tour: The “Devil’s Pool” at Victoria Falls

Straddling the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, this legendary waterfall is among the biggest and most awe-inspiring on the planet. Take a 360° ride over the jaw-dropping cliffs at Victoria Falls.

Posted by National Geographic on Sunday, April 3, 2016

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