23-year-old lives dream life for Nat Geo WILD (photos)

Bertie Gregory
© Nat Geo WILD

Young filmmaker Bertie Gregory’s love of nature and contagious enthusiasm make him the perfect host for Nat Geo’s foray into the wilds of Vancouver Island.

Bertie Gregory must pinch himself several times a day to ensure that he is not actually dreaming. Originally from South West England, the 23-year-old has been in love with nature and photography since he was a kid, slinking off to take photos of the local wildlife.

Now the wildlife filmmaker and photographer finds himself hosting wild_life With Bertie Gregory. The show is Nat Geo WILD’s first digital series, in which Gregory spent 90 days on Vancouver Island, mostly alone, tracking what he describes as “the biggest, sexiest, most charismatic animals” that call the island their home. The episodes, there will be 16 in all, are each around 5 minutes long and are packed with the beauty of wolves, whales, bears, sea otters and more, all amongst the splendor of some of the most sublime, unspoiled nature on the planet.

“This series is as much about the adventure to get the shot as it is about the shot itself,” says Gregory. “I’m taking viewers into the wild and getting up close and personal with Canada’s sexiest coastal predators. The camera is always rolling. It’s raw. It’s real. It’s intimate. And I’m excited to be a part of Nat Geo WILD’s first venture into the digital space.”

And it doesn’t hurt that Gregory is a crackerjack behind the camera, as the photos here show.

Below you can watch Episode 10, there are whales, they are sublime.

To view all of the episodes, visit Nat Geo WILD’s YouTube Channel and NationalGeographic.com.

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