20% of Mekong Delta Submerged With Rising Seas by 2100 - 10% of Ho Chi Minh City Will Go Under, Too

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photo: McKay Savage via flickr

It seems to be river delta awareness day in global media: A piece in The Guardian highlights the future impact on climate change on the Nile Delta; and Reuters points out that the Mekong Delta faces difficult times ahead as well -- 10% of Ho Chi Minh City could be submerged by 2100:

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Under a best case scenario, global sea level rise by 2100 can be kept to about half a meter. However, the way things are currently tracking in terms of nation's commitments to reduce emissions, sea level rise of one meter seems possible. That was the word coming out of the Copenhagen Climate Congress, back in March.

That fits in with a new report from Vietnam's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (in Vietnamese), which says 30cm of sea level rise could happen by 2050 and 75cm by 2100.

That would mean 20% of the Mekong Delta and 10% of Ho Chi Minh City could be submerged.

In addition to being home to some six million people, the Mekong Delta grows about half of the nations' rice -- the wider implication being that Vietnam is the second-largest rice exporting country in the world, after Thailand.

via: Reuters
Mekong Delta map: Wikipedia
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