19 million year old "hippo" moves (lips) like Jagger

Jagger's water nymph hippo
CC BY 3.0 Note: this is NOT the Jaggermeryx naida, it is from the same family. Image credit: Dmitry Bogdanov

They found it in the Egyptian dessert. A set of jaw fragments that belonged to a hippo/deer/pig creature 19 million years ago. It comes from a family of Anthracotheriidae, hooved creatures that were related to hippos and whales but which are now extinct.

Analyses revealed that the new finding had big lips - like Rolling Stone star Mick Jagger, so they decided to name it Jaggermeryx naiad, or Jagger's water nymph.

"Some colleagues suggested naming it after Angelina Jolie, because she also has famous lips," said anthropologist Dr Ellen Miller, who was part of the team, told Metro. "But it had to be Mick. I’m a huge Stones fan."

The jaw fragments were found in what was an estuary, near fossils of turtles, catfish and waterbirds. Scientists believe that Jaggermeryx naiad would stand with its hooves in the water, while scrounging for plants along the water's edge. It's super sensitive lips and snout would have helped it forage for food.

No news yet on how Mick Jagger feels about this.

19 million year old "hippo" moves (lips) like Jagger
Jagger's lips are so famous that he got a big-lipped hippo-like creature named after him (still no news on its hip movements, though)