17 Nations Beat or Equal All-Time Heat Records This Summer

sun in pakistan photo

photo: Umair Mohsin via flickr

If Russia's current heatwave being the worst in 1000 years and doubling the daily death rate in Moscow wasn't enough, check out this sweaty stat: According to Wunder Blog (via Mongabay), already this summer 17 nations have set or matched their all-time heat records. Not to mention an all-time hottest temperature for Pakistan, and possibly all of Asia.Though it has yet to be verified by the World Meteorological Organization, this summer a temperature of 128°F (53°C) was recorded in Pakistan. The world record temperature, without hyperbole a scorchingly hot 136°F was set in September 1922 at Al 'Aziziyah, Libya.

The list of countries setting their own records: Belarus, Ukraine, Cyprus, Russia, Finland, Qatar, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Niger, Chad, Kuwait, Iraq, Pakistan, Colombia, Myanmar, Ascension Island, and the Solomon Islands. Back in July, only nine nations were on that list.

The only nation in the world to set an all-time record low in 2010? That'd be Guinea.

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