15 months of a forest's life shown in 3-minute time-lapse

a Forest Year from motionkicker on Vimeo.

This. Is. Awesome.

Photographer Samuel Orr took photos out of the window of his house for 15 months, then put the accumulated 40,000 photographs into this amazing time-lapse video.

Petapixel writes, "The camera was set to snap a photo between once every 10 seconds and once every 10 minutes at certain key times of the year (snowfall, spring, fall colors). For most of the time the camera was switched off. After shooting 40,000 photographs, he turned each group of key moments into 5-8 second time-lapse films. He then blended these short films into the finished video above at 30 frames per second. Finally, he added background sounds characteristic of each period to give the viewing experience an added dimension."

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