1.5% Decline in Endangered Iberian Lynx Population Seen in One Day

iberian lynx photo

photo: Programa de Conservacíon Ex-situ del Lince Ibérico

When dealing with the world's most endangered feline species, the Iberian Lynx (estimated population, 200) every death matters. So when a pregnant Iberian Lynx was found dead in Doñana National Park it's worth passing on the news:The cat in question was pregnant with two cubs and had been run over by a vehicle and then shot with a shotgun. According to an official speaking on condition of anonymity, it was getting hit by the vehicle that was the cause of death.

According to Arkive:

The Iberian Lynx is the world's most threatened species of cat and may become the first wild cat species to go extinct for over 2,000 years. Although smaller in size, it resembles the Eurasian Lynx, possessing the same characteristically bobbed tail, tufts on the ears and jaw, a spotted coat, muscular body and long legs.

Historically the Iberian Lynx's territory was throughout the Iberian peninsula and south of France. Today it is found only in small areas of central and southwest Spain, and in the Algarve mountains of Portugal.

via: AP
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