10,000 Escaped Crocodiles on the Loose in South Africa

As if people in Southern Africa didn't have enough to worry about with recent floods, there are now around 10,000 escaped crocs to contend with!

Police in South Africa have joined in a hunt to find the crocodiles that escaped from the Rakwena Crocodile Farm during the floods and washed into the Limpopo river. There were originally around 15,000 on the loose but so far, thousands have been trapped by locals, crocodile farmers and the police.

The Guardian writes, "Most of the crocodiles are under two metres (79in) long. The area is home to several farms that supply crocodile skins to the fashion industry... Police in Zimbabwe, on the other side of the Limpopo, also issued warnings to people to avoid going into the water because of the crocodile threat."

Here is a bit more from MSNBC:

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10,000 Escaped Crocodiles on the Loose in South Africa
If there were ever a time to avoid swimming in the Limpopo River, it's now!

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