100-Year-Old Belgian Tree Is World's Most Social Media-Savvy Plant

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This is begging for a "You know you're a treehugger if..." joke, the punchline being "if you have a tree as your friend on Facebook." And there is a century-old tree in Belgium that can fit the bill. It is actually a very social media-savvy tree, with a Twitter stream and Flickr account. It is actually part of a really cool project that brings the life of a tree into the same daily buzz as our human lives, including leaf-eye views of what it "sees" every day. io9 writes, "The tree was fitted out with all its gear with help from European magazine EOS. Learn more about this amazing tree on the Talking Tree site." The feeds from the tree isn't just for social media fun -- it also transmits information about particulate matter in the environment and weather conditions to researchers.

"They analyze what the tree sees and senses, then translate that into updates like "Won't be doing too much photosynthesis in this cloudy weather," and "This ozone concentration makes it difficult to do my job." It also advises people to ride their bikes on days with air pollution."

Talking Tree - Making of from Tom on Vimeo.

The Twitter stream has updates on what the tree is pondering, including links to what the world looks like from its branches. The photos are uploaded on Flickr, and show some lovely skies and a peek at the road below.

Currently the Talking Tree has nearly 4,200 friends on Facebook, with more requests every day of people wanting to follow along during a tree's life.

It's a fun project, and a great way to remind us that plants experience the world around them too, even if we don't usually hear their thoughts.

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