These Natural Lip and Cheek Tints Will Nourish Your Skin

California body care brand All Good is branching out into clean beauty.

All Good Lip + Cheek Tints

All Good

All Good is an ethical body care brand from Morro Bay, California. When I first encountered it years ago, it was the only company I knew that was making reef-safe sunscreen and packaging it in metal tins, a refreshing departure from plastic tubes. Since then, All Good has continued to grow and expand its product lines, always pushing boundaries with its innovative packaging.

The newest addition is a line of Get Glowing Lip + Cheek Tints, the first of All Good's beauty products. These tints come in four shades – jam, coral, blush, and shimmer – and, as the name suggests, can be used as lip color or cream blush. Shimmer can be used alone or added as a top layer to any of the other colors. It's the only one that does not have SPF 15 sun protection, but the others do. 

These tints tick all the boxes for eco-friendly beauty: free from petroleum, carmine, parabens, SLS, and phthalates. They're vegan, gluten-free, reef-safe (thanks to non-nano zinc), and made in the United States from organic botanical ingredients, some of which are grown at All Good's own facility. As explained on the website, 

"If we can’t source it, we grow it. We grow our own calendula, lavender, and yarrow using wild land farming techniques to promote biodiversity, build natural habitats, build healthy soil, and attract the birds and the bees."

Some of these ingredients are used in the Lip + Cheek Tints, such as organic calendula, thyme, and rosemary, along with organic seed oils made from sunflower, sesame, castor and avocado, and cocoa and shea butters. As you can imagine, they smell divine and feel fabulous. 

All Good Lip and Cheek Tint pots

All Good

To top it off, the tints are packaged in tiny glass pots with recycled metal lids. I always feel a flutter of surprise when I handle this packaging; it stands out in such contrast to the plastic that dominates most of the beauty and skincare world, and it's refreshingly pleasant to use. You can recycle the jars when you're done, or repurpose them in some way.

A spokesperson told Treehugger that this is All Good's first offering in the clean beauty category, which suggests that we can expect more. Based on the company's description of the Get Glowing tints, this is very good news:

"With Get Glowing, we’ve taken the 'ugly' out of beauty – for clean beauty that’s truly worry free. Everything we make is ... free from the most common toxic ingredients that lurk in thousands of beauty products (like parabens and phthalates). Instead we exclusively use clean, organic and botanical ingredients that work hard to nourish and protect skin – which keep you feeling beautiful inside and out."

After using the Lip + Cheek Tints for several weeks, I'm certain I'd buy more from this company, and will eagerly await any other beauty products they create. You can learn more here, and check out a number of other products they sell, too – their famous all-purpose Goop salve, aluminum-free deodorant, hand sanitizer that doesn't damage your skin (also available by the gallon), herbal freeze for muscle recovery, and, of course, an impressive range of sunscreens.