Native Energy Cleans Up After Your Travel

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Climate change is for real, despite what some (okay, one) of the world powers that be might be trumpeting these days. Sadly, our travel around the warming globe contributes to this phenomenon; emissions from planes, trains and automobiles all help keep warm air from escaping our atmosphere, and let's face it: people of the world can't (and won't) stop travelling at the drop of a hat. While the carbon-neutral movement is growing (see our coverage of London's taxis and Future Forests, for examples), NativeEnergy offers to carbon-neutralize your busy lifestyle by offsetting greenhouse gas emissions from each of the above forms of travel. They'll even do your hotel rooms for you; just click through their handy-dandy travel calculator, and choose either wind or farm methane energy (remooable energy, they call it) production to offset all those pounds of carbon dioxide. You can also help them build a new wind farm or farm methane generator; while you're at the site, check out how companies like Stonyfield Farms, Clif Bar and Aveda are keeping it cool by supporting their climate-neutral efforts. You can even get a free pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream for your efforts! ::NativeEnergy