National Park Service Rolls Out Clever Social Distancing Posters

A National Park Service poster with reference examples for keeping a safe distance from other visitors during the pandemic. (Photo: U.S. National Park Service [public domain])

As national parks around the U.S. begin a phased approach to reopening, visitors expecting the usual warnings to keep a safe distance from wildlife are now being encouraged to do the same with each other. The contagious threat of COVID-19 means that six-feet apart remains the rule, even as some states move to impose additional restrictions such as face masks. As such, the U.S. National Park Service has ramped up its communications with visitors to include a variety of informative and downright hilarious posters.

Below are some of our favorites. As usual, even if they look perfectly healthy, please do not approach a bear.

Observe wildlife rules...but with people!. (Photo: U.S. National Park Service [public domain])

Remember: Real friends don't use slower hiking companions as bear bait!

A reference chart for staying a proper distance from both wildlife and fellow park visitors. (Photo: U.S. National Park Service [public domain])

The lesson here? Keep a safe distance from both humans and wildlife and never, ever wave at the bisons.

So easy, a Bigfoot can do it!. (Photo: U.S. National Park Service [public domain])

So easy, even Bigfoot can do it!

The next best thing to visiting a national park? Checking out one online. (Photo: U.S. National Park Service [public domain])

If visiting a national park isn't possible this summer, why not check out some of their free digital tours online? Options include the Nahuku Lava Tube in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, the dark sky-certified beauty of Utah's Bryce Canyon National Park, and the world's third-largest coral reef at Florida's Dry Tortugas National Park.

Keep it safe, America. (Photo: U.S. National Park Service [public domain])

This one says it all. Have a safe summer, everyone.