Stylish Bird Houses for Our Feathered Friends

Give a Bird a Stylish Home
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nathandanials/Promo image The Wrap Bird House

National Bird House week has just passed by, and in response we have found the ultimate modernist home for our feathered friends: irresistible.

Made of locally reclaimed, old growth heart of redwood, its two tones are too cool.

Give a Bird a Stylish Home

nathandanials/Promo image Danish Chalet

This one, the Danish Chalet, has rosewood faces and red/lime green perches. Thecreator is from Minneapolis where they would know a thing or two about keeping birds warm.

Why bird houses now?

The problem is that natural nest sites on which many of the birds depend, such as holes in trees and buildings, are fast disappearing. Gardens and woods are being tidied up, old houses repaired and so natural habitats are no longer around.

In the UK, where National Nest Box (bird houses to us) Week was started in 1997, thousands of enthusiastic birders have put up boxes to compensate for this loss. It is estimated that there are now 5-6 million boxes in gardens across the country.

But do they all look as gorgeous as these?

Give a Bird a Stylish Home

love eco/Promo image Mr. and Mrs. Birdee

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Birdee. He is designed to attract most manner of garden tits, and she is designed to attract robins and wrens. They are flat-pack and DIY so everyone can join in the fun.

Give a Bird a Stylish Home

atomic birdhouses/Promo image Wino 044

This "Wino" is made from a recycled wine box, the wood is finished with an eco-friendly soy based oil that protects against water, mildew, and UV rays. The door slides open for easy cleaning and has a latch to help keep it closed.

There's more to it than meets the eye

Having a bird house is more complicated than just banging a nail in the tree. If you are going to buy one, as many of us are...there are some things to watch out for. The height, direction it's facing, angle of hanging, material it's made out of, food that's in it are all important factors to consider.

Give a Bird a Stylish Home

ethical community/Promo image Bamboo Cage

This bamboo delight is completely sustainable and adds an oriental look to the back yard. It is from ethical community, an ethical online marketplace where you can buy ethical products directly from the people that make them, and get to know the story behind each product.