Mylkman: London's Car-Free, Plastic-Free, Plant-Based "Milk" Delivery Service

©. Mylkman

Growing up in England, bottled milk deliveries—brought to you by quiet, slow electric "milk floats"—were a common sight in most towns. Those days have gone. But one company aims to bring it back, albeit with an intriguing twist:

Mylkman delivers 100% vegan nut "milks" straight to your door in plastic-free, reusable glass bottles. And it's doing so by bike. (There is, according to Huffington Post UK, talk of bringing back milk floats too.) The mainstay of deliveries appears to be 100% almond 'mylk', with a minimum 12% nut content, but the company also offers coconut 'mylk', cashew 'milk', and even spiced flavors like pistachio and sweet chai or tumeric. All are preservative and additive free.

Currently, deliveries are limited to central east, north and south London, as well as being kept in stock at a Bulk Market zero waste store in Dalston. (See Katherine's write up of their Hackney location.)

As someone who has slashed my cholesterol through more plant-based eating, and who recently discovered that vegan cheese doesn't have to be awful, I'd be intrigued to try their offerings. It's encouraging to me to see plant-based foods that are being marketed not as "replicas" of dairy products, but rather wholesome, relatively unprocessed offerings in their own right which anyone—vegan or not—might enjoy.

As I write this, I should note that there appears to be a Mylkman delivery service in Los Angeles too. It's not immediately clear to me, however, if the two are related.