Myers Motors MM 1.0 (a.k.a. The Sparrow) Due Soon

Migrated Image

OK, so maybe it looks like something out of a kids cartoon, but that’s not the only reason to put a big cheery grin on your face. The MM 1.0 could get you up to 70mph (113 kph) during it’s 20-40 mile (32-64 km) long electrically powered journey. Come 15 October 2005, the MM 1.0 (once known as the Sparrow) is due to move from prototype to fully fledged production vehicle. According to research by Myers Motors, of Ohio, 65% of all vehicle miles travelled have just one person in the vehicle and daily trips are less than 30 miles total, so they reckon the MM 1.0 will suit many urbanites. And in these days of high petroleum pump prices they might just be right, as they figure you get 60 miles for every $1 worth of electricity. Although classified as a motorbike in some US states, it has a full enclosed canopy, which protects not only the occupant from the elements, but houses the AM/FM radio & CD stereo, plus heater and defroster. We failed to locate the price anywhere on their site, but as they are handmade, in a staggering range of 13 colours, we don’t expect them to be cheap. More specs and pics to tickle your funny bone here > ::Myers Motors