5 Must-Read Retirement Planning Websites

Photo: John Hall & Associates/Flickr.

Retirement — for some people it is around the corner and for others it is something that is so far off that it doesn’t warrant a second thought. However, retirement planning is really an essential part of everyone’s lifelong financial planning. If you’d rather be on the green instead of working to earn some green, you need to get started on your retirement plan today, and whether you’re 22 or 62, these five websites are packed with information for you.

1. Kiplinger Retirement

The Kiplinger Retirement website is packed with information. Today’s top stories include a list of the most tax-friendly states for retirees, nine investment moves to make now and how retirement is changing. The site also has a bevy of tools to use including a tool with information on protecting your portfolio and a calculator to help you save money on prescription drug costs.

2. retirementrevised.com

Named the best retirement-planning website by Money Magazine, retirementrevised.com is a one -top shop for all things retirement. You can sign up for the free newsletter, watch retirement planning videos or download one of the many RR guides.

3. SocialSecurity.gov

Even the savviest investor will still have Social Security income as part of their retirement portfolio. Understanding how Social Security works and what your payout options are is an important part of everyone’s retirement planning. Of course, those who are retiring in the next few years will get the most out of the site because things could change by the time you 20-somethings get to retirement age.

4. Choose to Save

The Choose to Save website was launched as part of a public information campaign about the importance of planning for your financial future. The easy-to-use Ballpark E$timate calculator helps you decide how much you need to save now for a comfortable retirement income. The site also has information on budgeting, managing your debt, avoiding subprime financial products and more.

5. AARP Money

AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons, has an entire section of the website dedicated to all things money. While some of the information is specific to individuals who have already retired, the vast majority of the site is useful for future retirees as well. One of today’s feature stories is great for everyone: 6 Ways to Find an Extra $1,000 a Month.