Museum Roof in Norway Held Up by a Forest of Columns

©. Aesthetica Studio via Designboom

Lipinski Lasovsky Johansson has designed a beautiful building and, wow, what beautiful drawings.

When I was an architect and needed a rendering, I had to go out and hire an artist, pay hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars, and wait a couple of weeks. Now, I am constantly bowled over at how beautiful and evocative renderings are, how computers have let architects offer such a view into the world they are building. This one, by Aesthetica Studio for Lipinski Lasovsky Johansson just blows me away- the lighting, the shadows are incredible.

Forest Finn Museum exterior

© Aesthetica Studio via Designboom

Actually, the whole building is pretty interesting; Designboom tells us that the Forest Finn Museum chronicles the history of Finns who came to Norway to farm, and that Lipinski Lasovsky Johansson got first prize in a design competition. The Museum will be located in Svullrya, 112 km northeast of Oslo.

Forest Finn Museum

© Aesthetica Studio via Designboom

The museum is noteworthy for its ability to camouflage into its woodland setting. The building makes a conscious effort to respect the environment and even goes as far as to install grass on the roof, relocating or replacing the soil now occupied by the building. This ideology is much in the same spirit at Forest Finn people, who practiced slash and burn methods of agriculture.

© Aesthetica Studio via Designboom

A forest of columns inside and out of the building hold up the roof, allowing for "a large band window to stretch around the exterior." I hope they think about the new Apple Park and stick something on those almost invisible glass walls.