Artist's Vibrant Murals Are Urban Gateways to Other Dimensions (Video)

CC BY 2.0. Art by Hoxxoh/Photo: Ungry Young Man via Flickr

Drab urban landscapes are the bane of anyone living in busy cities, where the daily monotony and monopoly of concrete wears down the soul. No wonder it's a psychological relief to come across a well-maintained green space, an awesome public art installation, or some mind-bending street art.

Shoring up the latter category is Miami-based artist Douglas Hoekzema (a.k.a. Hoxxoh), who creates these incredible spray-painted murals using repetitive strokes of electrifying colours, arranged in circular and sweeping forms.

There is a mysterious depth to Hoxxoh's works -- they seem like unexpected and otherworldly portals to another dimension, a singularity made visible, and one that makes you think you can step right through the wall into another place and time.

Hoxxoh's murals seem to pulse with a powerful, fractalized energy. And just as in nature, with the repetition of the tiniest details at scale, a grander, more harmonious order emerges, expressed with abstract patterns of continuity and flow.

Art is both a process and a product, a means and an end, aspiring to inspire. Against the chaotic backdrop of the city, works like these amazing murals emanate a sense of much-needed vitality and harmony from within our urban landscapes. See more over at Hoxxoh and Instagram.

[Via: This Is Colossal]