Mr. Money Mustache Has Launched a YouTube Channel

CC BY 2.0. Jeremy Vohwinkle – MMM speaks at FinCon 2012

Now you can get financial independence and early retirement wisdom in video format.

Mr. Money Mustache (MMM) fans will be pleased to hear that he has launched a YouTube channel. The finance blogger/early retirement expert has been writing fiery blog posts for years, instructing people (or 'Mustachians', as his devoted followers call themselves) in the details of investing, creating passive income sources, and frugal living. Now his message has a new platform.

The YouTube channel is a joint project between MMM (his real name is Pete Adney) and his 12-year-old son, who does the camera, lighting, and sound work. As Adney explains in the introductory episode, his son has been asking him to start a YouTube channel for years, but he resisted. Now, the venture has proven to be successful, with anywhere from 15 to 25,000 views per episode, since posting the first one at the end of December.

The show is a Q&A; format, with questions posted in each previous episode's comments section. But after three episodes, Adney and his son have reformatted it somewhat to have a cohesive theme in each episode, e.g. 'Staying the course [to early retirement]' 'Why gas is really $42 per gallon,' and 'Should you fire your financial advisor?'

While Adney's articulate and often funny responses are no different from what you could read on his blog, watching it on video makes it feel more accessible. He is comfortable and conversational, and even though each episode consists entirely of him sitting in one place and talking, I was riveted. (There's one exception when he demonstrates his winter biking outfit and rides an electric fat-bike around his yard.)

He offers blunt, common-sense advice. To the father wondering how to juggle work, house maintenance, and parenting, Adney tells him there is no time off. Welcome to parenting and the next two decades of your life. To the person asking if it's better to pay off debt or save for retirement, it's simple – depends on the interest rate. To the person asking how to ride their bike in the winter, "you just do it." To the guy who says he loves his job and doesn't see the point in early retirement, Adney advises, "Don't sell your future self short." You may not love it so much when you've been doing it for years.

If gaining control of your finances and living more frugally is something you think about, then this is a YouTube channel you should definitely check out. Here's the second episode, which is the first one that deals with readers' questions.