Mr. Larkin Charms at Green Fashion Week in New York (Slideshow)

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Photo by Meaghan O'Neill

Timely but not fleeting, flouncy but not frilly, unique but not unwearable, clever but never over the top -- Mr. Larkin's Spring 2010 collection was everything green fashion should be. A relative newcomer on the eco-scene, the San Francisco-based designer (a.k.a Casey Larkin) wowed the GreenShows audience in New York earlier this week with beautiful garments that managed to be at once ethereal and eminently wearable. That they were made from materials such as peace silk, hemp, and organic cotton was expected; that they were lovingly dyed with the likes of Japanese maple leaves, acorns, and iron was almost too much take. Larkin's hunt for just-right trimmings -- vintage porcelain buttons, 1940s rhinestones, sterling silver ribbon, for example, -- must have been an obsessive, if adventurous, one. But it clearly paid off. Embellishments added just the right hint of sparkle and charm with adequate restraint. These are the kind of frocks you'd keep in your closet for years. Zip one on, and you can expect the compliments to come flowing in.

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